Quick Answer: Will Natsu Become An S Class Wizard?

Does Natsu become the strongest wizard?

Natsu Dragneel is one of the strongest young mages in the Fairy Tail series.

He’s made a name for himself as The Salamander, one of Fiore’s strongest, and definitely one on the path of becoming both an S ranked wizard and later, a Wizard Saint.

Despite his immense strength and promise, Natsu is not yet unbeatable..

Who killed God Serena?

AcnologiaThe Four Emperors retaliate against God Serena, who reveals himself to be a Dragon Slayer with multiple elemental powers and defeats the four wizards. However, Acnologia appears and effortlessly kills God Serena in a hunt for Dragon Slayers, ignoring the other wizards.

Does Lucy get all 12 keys?

According to Lucy, while there is a large number of Silver Keys, there are only 12 Gold Keys, each of them being related to a specific astrological sign. So far in the series, Lucy has obtained 10 Gold Keys and 5 Silver Keys, a considerable amount of Keys for a single Celestial Spirit Mage.

Who is Lucy’s strongest spirit?

AquariusGold Keys. “The Water Bearer” Aquarius is a mermaid equipped with an urn. Lucy considered Aquarius her strongest Spirit, even after receiving Loke’s key.

Is Lucy the strongest celestial wizard?

Still, Aquarius has been noted as one of the stronger Celestial Spirits, with Lucy rating her quite highly. Considering Lucy has been a Celestial Spirit Mage for years, she would certainly have the experience to know.

Who is stronger laxus or Mystogan?

Laxus referred to He and himself as the strongest in the guild (not including Gildarts). It is reasonable to say that he was as strong as Jelaal, since they were alternate versions of each other, but Natsu did beat Jelaal, and threw the fight against Mystogan to ensure he came out of the fight as the hero.

Who kills zeref?

NatsuFandom. Natsu or Mavis? Mavis and Zeref died together due to the power of love also known as the one magic. Natsu just punched zeref and left while mavis stayed behind and used their love for each other to end their immortality.

Who is stronger GREY or Natsu?

Natsu has more brute power while Gray is smarter. … Devil slayer magic is useless unless Natsu transforms into E.N.D, so the battle will be between ice magic and dragon slayer magic. While Gray’s magic is very versatile, it’s not very powerful. Gray would be fighting base Natsu evenly or he might even be winning.

Can Gildarts beat God Serena?

The simplest answer is God Serena wins without too much trouble. People knew who Gildarts was, and God Serena was still considered the strongest mage in the entire continent of Ishgar. God Serena would probably win. Gildarts had trouble fighting a historia of God Serena that didn’t have full power.

Is gajeel S Class?

Gajeel Redfox is an Iron Dragon Slayer, a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, and a former S-Class Mage of the disbanded Phantom Lord Guild. He is also a member of Team Fairy Tail and the love interest of Levy McGarden.

Does juvia become S Class?

When we first meet Juvia, she is mostly emotionless and uncaring. Her melancholy attitude eventually melts when she finds her place in Fairy Tail. She is mostly a shy person unless it comes to her love, Gray Fullbuster. She fully comes into her own and even becomes an S-class mage.

Is mirajane stronger than Erza?

When it comes to offensive power it’s hands down Mirajane but when it comes to defense and endurance that goes to Erza. To be completely honest I think Hiro Mashima overpowered Erza. … If Hiro Mashima focused more on Mirajane and her powers as well as her growing stronger she would win 100%.

Is juvia and S class mage?

Juvia Lockser (ジュビア・ロクサー Jubia Rokusā) is a Mage of Fairy Tail and is a former S-Class Mage of the now-disbanded Phantom Lord guild where she was a member of its elite team, the Element 4, with her corresponding element being water.

Who are all the S class wizard in fairy tail?

MembersNameRankTeamErza ScarletS-Class Mage 7th Guild MasterTeam NatsuLaxus DreyarS-Class MageNoneMirajane StraussS-Class MageNoneMystoganS-Class MageNone56 more rows

Do Natsu and Lucy kiss?

They do kiss and they will have a kid (forgot the name and if the kid is a boy or a girl) but I do know that in episode 219 Natsu and Lucy almost kiss but sadly Lucy had to put Happy in fort of her to block the kiss 🙁 R.I.P XD. Find this Pin and more on A N I M E by Rylee Cysensky.

Who is stronger Natsu or Gildarts?

Gildarts started as a stronger character that natsu was meant to surpass seeing his as his goal. … But Gildarts has far less stamina compared Natsu. Also natsu was able to burn away the magic and spells so there is the possibility of him able to burn away Gildarts crush magic.

Who is the most powerful wizard in fairy tail?

Let’s consider #11-15 when it comes to the most powerful Fairy Tail wizards of them all.1 Gildarts. With the title “Ace of Fairy Tail”, it’s no secret that Gildarts is considered Fairy Tail’s strongest mage.2 Natsu. … 3 Erza. … 4 Gray. … 5 Mirajane. … 6 Laxus. … 7 Gajeel. … 8 Lucy. … More items…•

Is Natsu an S Class?

No. He hasn’t retaken the exam so he’s not S-Class.

Does Cana become an S Class Wizard?

Unable to reveal her relationship to him because of her own timidity and his seldom presence, Cana motivates herself to become an S-Class wizard, but fails four qualification tests in a row and falls into depression.

Who wins the S Class trial in fairy tail?

Erza ScarletErza Scarlet is the youngest to ever become an S-Class Mage, having triumphed in the trials at 15.

Who is the strongest dragon slayer?

Fairy Tail: Top 10 Most Powerful Dragon Slayers, Ranked8 Sting Eucliffe.7 Wendy Marvell.6 Gajeel Redfox.5 Laxus Dreyar.4 God Serena.3 Irene Belserion.2 Natsu Dragneel.1 Acnologia.More items…•