Question: Who Was Katie May’S Chiropractor?

Is it normal to feel worse after chiropractor?

Some people express mild discomfort after their first few chiropractic adjustments as their body adjusts to this new normal of proper spinal alignment.

Muscles that may have weakened or been used to supporting poor posture are now being asked to support the body in a new and more healthy way..

How many deaths are caused by chiropractors?

Twenty- six deaths are on record and many more seem to have remained unpublished. This systematic review demonstrates that numerous deaths have been associated with chiropractic. Usu- ally high-velocity, short-lever thrusts of the upper spine with rotation are implicated.

Who was Katie Mays chiropractor?

Chiropractor Rob Pomahac, who was not involved in May’s treatment, spoke with TODAY about how the injury to May’s vertebral artery that may have triggered the stroke could have happened. “Kinking or pressure or pinching of this artery (would cause a stroke),” Pomahac said.

Has anyone ever died at a chiropractor?

Are Chiropractors Safe? … Playboy model Katie May died in February days after experiencing a stroke caused by a ruptured artery, and it was ruled on Wednesday that the artery was damaged during a neck manipulation by a chiropractor. However, death caused by chiropractic manipulations is very rare.

What happened may model?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. … Katie Beth May (March 16, 1981 – February 4, 2016) was an American model and businesswoman. Dubbed “The Queen of Snapchat”, May was known as a social media star and brand ambassador before her death from a chiropractically-induced stroke at age 34.

Is chiropractic manipulation of neck safe?

The American Chiropractic Association says that “neck manipulation is a remarkably safe procedure.