Question: Is It Cheating If My Girlfriend Kissed Another Girl?

Is it bad to kiss another girl while in a relationship?

First, kissing another girl with compassion is fine.

Don’t bother if she one girl gets hurt if you reject her.

Because it is more worse if she gets to know that you are in love with another girl while you are already in a relationship with her..

What do you do if your girlfriend kissed someone else?

You can simply see it as a once in a lifetime mistake she made due to getting a bit too drunk and then laugh it off as nothing to worry about. However, if your gut instinct is telling you that she willingly kissed him and would probably do it again, then the best approach is to break up with her, but only temporarily.

Is it cheating if its with a girl?

Absolutely! Any emotional or physical relationship, outside of your marriage, is considered to be cheating on your spouse. Flip the information- if he was having a relationship with another man or woman, would you feel you were being cheated on?

Is it cheating if you kiss another girl?

If someone gives their gramma a quick kiss, then no. Some people like kissing and if the boyfriend doesn’t mind, then no. But these are exceptions for the grand majority of people, it is assumed to be monogamous, and that kissing someone else (male or female) is an act of romantic endearment, and therefore cheating.