Question: How Can I Stretch My 4c Hair?

Can I stretch my natural hair?

Stretching is a technique used by those with African-textured hair to maximize their natural hair length.

While relaxing, blow-outs, and straightening all help make naturally curly hair appear longer, it can be very damaging.

Stretching is a much safer way to help hair appear longer without disrupting the curl pattern..

How can I stretch my 4c hair fast?

Here are 14 different ways to stretch 4C hair without heat.African Threading Method. African threading is a technique that has been around for a very long time. … Bantu Knot Method. … Twist and Re-twist Method. … Style your hair in a bun. … Banding Method. … Use Jumbo Rollers. … Use Smoothing Products. … Stretch or Rubber Plates.More items…•

How do I stop my 4c hair from shrinkage?

Why is it important to reduce shrinkage on 4C hair?Stretch it out with banding. … Don’t let it shrink on a wash day. … Use coconut milk. … Do monthly henna treatments. … Apply aloe vera gel before styling. … Eliminate frizz. … Blow dry your roots. … Go for the full blow out.More items…•

Does stretching your hair make it longer?

Not only does stretching help with showing off the length of your hair, there are other benefits as well. One benefit I see from stretching constantly is I have a lot less tangles and knows when it’s time to detangle and wash. … With retaining length comes hair growth over time. The growth will not happen overnight.

How can I stretch my afro without heat?

Heat free stretching techniquesBANDING. While wet, divide your hair into sections and tie ponytail holders around each section until it dries. … AFRICAN THREADING. This method can be time intensive, but the result is similar to a blowout look without heat!BANTU KNOTS. Put your hair in bantu knots while wet. … TWIST OUT or BRAID OUT. … ROLLER SETS.

Does braiding stretch hair?

Braids are slightly more difficult to do than twists because they require three strands instead of two. However, braiding will stretch your natural hair more than twists since the pattern is tighter and more controlled. … Like twist-outs, braids will also give you a braid-out style to wear for a few days.

How do you keep your 4c hair moisturized?

Keeping 4C hair moisturized can be difficult, but we’ve got 10 amazing tips for you that will make hair care a breeze.Stay hydrated. … Use a good moisturizer. … Lock in moisture using the LOC method. … Minimize heat exposure. … Don’t touch! … Sleep in a satin bonnet. … Wear protective hairstyles. … Deep condition your hair.More items…•

Why does my 4c hair shrink so much?

Shrinkage also occurs when blown out hair absorbs moisture. … When 4C hair is in its natural state, freshly washed, it tends not to keep moisture for a long time and remains mostly dry. Even worse when the hair is without product. This always means that defined curls are usually not evident unless products are added.

Why stretching your natural hair is so important?

When you pull your hair, or straighten your hair, it stretches the texture to show its actual length. Stretching your natural hair means that you are styling your hair in a manner that you eliminate some of the shrinkage in your hair, thus eliminating a lot of knots and tangles.